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​Observable Radio, a Sci-Fi Horror Podcast Now Transmitting to Audiences Worldwide

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Observable Radio is a found footage anthology podcast of retro sci-fi and analog horror from Cameron Suey and Phil van Hest that is now at the top of US and international podcast charts. Reviews of the show on Apple Podcasts give it 5 Stars, calling it Eerie and Awesome! with top-notch acting, sound design, music and story that leaves you wanting more!

The set up: Late at night, from an isolated satellite communications installation, an unnamed Observer secretly broadcasts a bizarre transmission to a nearby facility. In the wake of a global communications disruption following a near-miss with a comet, he has begun to detect mysterious signals from other worlds. With no one but an isolated colleague that he can trust, he shares a series of seemingly impossible signals, unsure of what to do next…

Observable Radio is listener supported. To find out how you can contribute, learn more at their Patreon page. Membership has its privileges and in addition to helping the show pay its contributors, members get behind the scenes content, ad-free early episodes and The Observable Radio Monthly Newsletter. The highest donor level receives a Private Satellite Linkup: The opportunity to appear on the show playing one of the interstitial characters OR they get to name a character.

You can listen to the first five episodes at ObservableRadio.com beginning with TRANSMISSION A.01: “A NIGHT INDOORS” ….A mysterious curfew. An annual celebration. The pursuit of stasis.Performed by the Observable Radio Ensemble: Phil van Hest, Katie Skovholt, Orion Kellogg, Jason Smith, Kris Straub, Xalavier Nelson Jr., Purpurina. The sixth episode, Transmission A.06: “Sweet Hereafter” is now available to Patreon Subscribers and will be available to the public January 30th, 2024.

Recalling a time when radio plays like Dr. Demento, Phil Proctor’s Los Angeles-based Firesign Theatre, Science Fiction Radio, Space Patrol and more recently LA Theatre Works Relativity Series were so eagerly anticipated because listeners are allowed the freedom of their imaginations to visualize a story. Observable Radio may just spark a new Golden Era of Science Fiction audibles and we cannot wait for the next episode! Till then Good luck, be still and calm, stay tuned… and give them some love by becoming a subscriber.

Instagram: @observableradio Twitter: @ObservableRadio Blue Sky: @observableradio.com TikTok: observableradio

Observable Radio on YouTube
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