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Weekend Plans? So Much to Do, So Little Time!

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Weekend Plans? It’s summertime and there is a lot going on around town! If you need help deciding what to do, these are a few of the things on our radar.

Revolution through Comedy! Laugh Riot Grrrl Festival 2024

June 3-10 at Tao Comedy Studio

Inspired by the early 90s punk rock feminist movement #RiotGrrrl, Laugh Riot Grrl Festival seeks to encourage feminist voices in comedy. The 10th Annual Laugh Riot Grrrl Comedy Festival is June 3-10, 2024!! Comedy Shows are June 4-9.

Laugh Riot Grrrl is a yearly Punk Rock Intersectional Feminist Comedy Festival Presented by Tao Comedy Studio in Los Angeles…for riot grrrls and allies who are down with the cause. The festival welcomes male comics, non-binary and trans comics! 

Tickets are $15 Per Person to Attend LIVE or $10 Per Zoom Household. Now you can watch the entire festival from your couch-anywhere in the world!
Click HERE for show lineups.

Tao Comedy Studio 131 S. Western Ave (between 1st and 2nd) Los Angeles, CA 90004

Hollywood Fringe!

Hollywood Fringe Festival kicks off this month with hundreds of shows playing through the month of June. Opening this weekend at Hollywood Fringe:

Siren Song  Starring Dylan Jones | Directed by Amanda McCraven 

June 9, June 14, June 24, June 28 at Stephanie Feury Studio Mainstage

Fasten your seatbelt, it’ll be a bumpy night!

Siren Song is an invocation of the greats to unwind the riddle of how to be a woman, when the women you wanted to be like aren’t real and the woman who raised you is disappearing before your eyes. If you’ve ever had an identity crisis, Siren Song answers the call. 

In Siren Song Dylan Jones, invokes acting icons Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck and Greta Garbo to knock what being a woman should look like off its pedestal, with a little help from the myth of the Sirens and a ukulele. Fasten your seatbelt, it’ll be a bumpy night! 

Written and Performed by Dylan Jones, Co-created with Allan Wasserman, Directed by Amanda McCraven, Sound Design by Jeff Gardner. With Projections by Gabrieal Griego 

Four Performances Only:  Sunday, June 9, 12:30 pm; Friday, June 14, 8:00 pm; Monday, June 24, 8:30 pm; Friday, June 28, 10:30 pm. Stephanie Feury Studio Mainstage(5636 Melrose Ave, 90038.) 

Tickets are $20 and available at the Hollywood Fringe website. LINK

The Anti “Yogi by Mayuri Bhandari

June 8, June 16 and June 20th at the Zephyr Theatre

A “yogi” is not a skinny woman in Lululemon, but someone who renounces worldly life in pursuit of truth. Embark on a journey with Mayuri and the Goddess of Death, Kali, as they investigate absurdities of Western Yoga culture. As a yoga professor, Mayuri finds herself in a twisty identity crisis as she navigates teaching a practice that’s supposed to be her “thing”. What can her purpose be beyond educating people about yoga? Will the formidable Goddess Kali clear her path? Through a unique blend of dance, dramedy, poetry, The Anti “Yogi” gives a much needed voice to Yoga, calling out its recolonization in the West and nationalization in the East. This show peels back the yoga mat to reveal the true ethos of Yoga.

Actress, Figure Skater, Professional Dancer and Yoga Professor, Mayuri Bhandari blends her unique experience as an Indian navigating traditionally non-Indian spaces in the world premiere of The Anti “Yogi” which opens June 8th at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2024 at the Zephyr Theatre. Performances are on June 8, 2024, 4:45 PM, Sunday, June 16, 6:30 PM, and Thursday June 20 2024, 7:00 PM. Running Time: 60 minutes. The show is produced by Jessica Lynn Johnson, Directed by: D’Lo and Shyamala Moorty and Choreographer/Dramaturg, Shyamala Moorty. Tickets are $15 and available HERE.

QUICKSAND by Heather Fink

June 8th, June 15, June 23, June 27, June 29 at Hudson Guild

After comedian/filmmaker Heather Fink’s dad suffers a paralyzing stroke, she struggles to pull herself up from sinking. From caregiving to death and the midlife crisis, QUICKSAND is a storytelling and clown exploration of the realest sh*t we face. 

Heather Fink’s solo show QUICKSAND will have a 5 show run in the Hollywood Fringe Festival at Hudson Theaters at 6539 Santa Monica Blvd.


Saturday, June 8th at 7:15pm; Saturday June 15, 6:15pm; Sunday June 23, 7:15pm; Thursday, June 27, 7:15pm; Saturday, June 29, 8:45pm Tickets are $15 and available for purchase HERE.

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