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"The final Story, the final chapter of western man, I believe lies in Los Angeles." – Phil Ochs

Los Angeles Story Advocate Terrie Silverman’s Gorgeous Stories

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Photo by Alexis Rhône Fancher

There are over twelve million stories in the City of Angels & for nearly quarter of a century Terrie Silverman has nurtured many of them into life. Stories are the way we connect, they are the way we understand ourselves, each other and the world.

Los Angeles Story Advocate Terrie Silverman’s Gorgeous Stories series is produced from work developed in her Creative Rites classes and is one of the longest running storytelling shows in LA. In creating a safe place for all forms of creative expression; writers, actors, musicians and storytellers have written acclaimed memoirs, been featured in national publications, been presented on public radio shows including The Moth and This American Life, as well as storytelling shows and theatre festivals across the country.

Transporting, Igniting, Inspiring

For over twenty four years Silverman’s clients have developed award-winning Solo-Shows that have toured nationally and internationally, many of which she has also directed. Audiences have witnessed a mesmerizing collection of Gorgeous Stories transporting them to different worlds, igniting their imaginations and often inspiring them to develop and tell their own brave, moving & painfully comic moments into performance pieces in Los Angeles and beyond. 

Photo by Genevieve Kim

Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, Rainbow Award Winner

In 2022, Silverman received the Rainbow Award from the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival along with Iona Morris, Chita Rivera, Olympia Dukakis and Kristina Wong. The award recognizes artists for their diverse contributions in fostering non-traditional and multicultural theatre works.

This year’s featured sponsor of LAWTF is the California Arts Council and Silverman will co-host the final evening on March 31st “Rising Above” which includes a One-Woman Show by Liza Dealey-Thomason that Terrie is the Director & Dramaturg for.

Uncover Your Gold Winter Series: Gorgeous Stories, Saturday, March 9th

  • Laurence Cohen  is the president & founder of TLC MediaWorks & a community activist. His clients include the LA Marathon & the World Hip Hop Dance Championship.
  • Nancy McCoy is a retired Audiologist and spiritual traveler, who lives in Silver Lake.
  • Justine Miller is an Ayurvedic educator, yoga teacher & poet.
  • Pam Levin is an award-winning actor & solo-performer, who’s toured nationally & internationally with her One-Woman Shows She’s developed 3 award-winning shows in Creative Rites’ Solo-Show Master Class.
  • Lalo Crane is a composer, vibraphonist, songwriter & has been a touring musician. Her work can be found at Lalovibe. (Lalo is sharing a sharing a story & is also the show’s musical guest)
  • Maryrose Smyth is a poet & multi-disciplinary artist, who’s active in a number of L.A. Literary Communities.
  • Laura Faye Tenenbaum is a writer, public speaker, science communicator, Oceanography Professor & TikTok star with over 134,000 followers.

Buy Tickets for March 9th here

Uncover Your Gold Winter Series: Gorgeous Stories on Saturday, March 16th

March 16th Lineup developed in the Uncover Your Story Gold Winter Session
  • Andrea Arlington is a Family Recovery Life Coach, Writer, & former TV Personality, who’s featured in the Netflix documentary Bling Ring: The Real Hollywood Heist. She’s currently developing a One-Woman Show with Terrie Silverman.
  • Mary Ann Parker is a social justice advocate & an Air Force Desert Storm veteran. She first began writing stories using American Top 40 song titles.
  • Johnny Ray is an Actor, Writer, Photograher & owner of Carinno Massage, He’s adapting his One-Man Show- After The Fall, developed in my Solo-Show Master Class, into a Memoir.
  • Jarrett Oddo is a therapist, educator & former director of a social service programs. He’s currently working on a coming of age fantasy novel.
  • Alexia Baum is a former Music & Entertainment Executive & current Writer. She’s the author of Searching for Pinky: An Absurdly True Quest for Motherhood & FamilyShe’s working on 2 novels including Death Sings The Blues.
  • Lisa Knaggs, after leaving her hometown of Austin, Texas, lisa went West and has mostly stayed- between California, Colorado, and now New Mexico; she has worked in VFX in Hollywood, graduated with a MDiv from a Presbyterian Seminary, founded an organic, human-grade dog treat business and has spent the last 15 years as a full-time consultant in the field of canine behavior; she is still trying to figure out how to write.
  • Haimeng Zhang was born and raised in China, she’s an Art Project Manager working and living in New York.
  • Marissa Sasek is former engineer, who is now a Dharma & Life-Purpose Coach- founder of Dharma Dojo. She’s also a Singer/Songwriter, Psychic & Energy Healer.

Buy Tickets for March 16th here

If you can’t attend live, get a ticket at Eventbrite & then request the show recording from the event organizer, Terrie Silverman.

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