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SciFi Thriller Observable Radio Releases Riveting New Episode

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Anthology Podcast of Retro Sci-fi and Analog Horror

SciFi thriller, Observable Radio releases a riveting new episode: Transmission A.08 “As Below.” Every episode of this most excellent audio play blows our mind as it continues to rank high on global horror podcast charts. The latest installment from this first-rate ensemble is now streaming everywhere.

All of the elements go to eleven… concept, design, writing, soundscape and performances from Phil van Hest and the Observable Radio Ensemble are tremendous and soul-stirring. Cameron Suey, Phil van Hest, and Purpurina have created an addictive and thought provoking series that we highly recommend.

What is it? Our Favorite SciFi Thriller.

Late at night, from an isolated satellite communications installation, an unnamed Observer secretly broadcasts a bizarre transmission to a nearby facility. In the wake of a global communications disruption following a near-miss with a comet, he has begun to detect mysterious signals from other worlds. With no one but an isolated colleague that he can trust, he shares a series of seemingly impossible signals, unsure of what to do next…

RISE & SHINE FAMILY, THE HOUR IS FOUR, TIME FOR YOUR SHIFT TO BEGIN. In Transmission A.08AS BELOWThe Observer makes a deliberate observation. If the Engine dies, we all die. Forging links for tomorrow’s chains. Everybody wins here

Captivating New Episode from The Observable Radio Ensemble

  • Phil van Hest
  • Jack Grigoli
  • Rae Witte
  • Voice Del Monte
  • Sarah Katz-Hyman
  • Josh Kelly
  • Wendy Hector
  • Caitlin Eve
  • Nathaniel Leigh
  • Katie Skovholt
  • Cohen Edenfield
  • Tatiana Gefter
  • Purpurina
  • Kyle Gould
  • Jason Smith
  • David Woo
  • Kimberly Scott
  • Harrison G Pink
  • Rae Lundberg

SciFi Thriller Observable Radio releases riveting new episode that is now streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and RSS. Follow on Instagram, Bluesky and Twitter


Observable Radio Header with Sound Waves

Observable Radio is listener supported. If you would like to contribute to their production costs and payment to their human actors, as well as get access to behind the scenes information, extra production material, and an ad-free, early release feed of this show, you can do so at Patreon.

This Program is Intended for Mature Audiences Only.

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