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@CookingUpPatty with Award-Winning Actress Patricia Rae

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Patricia Rae is a Los Angeles based actress, artist, podcaster, foodie and dog enthusiast! Her creativity, sense of humor and lust for life illuminates through her work as an Illustrator, Painter and award-winning Actress in Maria Full Of Grace, The Big Wedding, Chuck and as Judge Delgado on All Rise. Rae and her partner Director Matteo Ribaudo have made several Indie-Feature-Films together including Silverlake Video: The Movie, Broome Street, co-starring the late great John Heard and the horror thriller Beyond Paranormal.

We love her delightful YouTube cooking videos that are full of creative life hacks with easy to follow recipes. We especially love it when she’s working on one side of the kitchen while Ribaudo is on the other in a household cook-off of Latino and Italian fare by one of LA’s most creative pairings. 

Arroz con Pollo everyone! @cookinguppatty

Patricia began drawing and painting in grade school and though she chose to take up acting as a profession, throughout her life she has studied composition, drawing and color theory. She illustrated a wonderful children’s book series, “Big Dog On Campus” with her good friend, USC professor Oliver Mayer that is available on the USC website. She started painting abstract art when she became a reiki healer as a way to manifest what she experienced when working with certain crystals as a spiritual translation of color onto canvas. The hues in her early series of paintings, the oranges, reds and yellows are linked to the first three chakras which are grounding (root), creativity (sacrum) and courage (solar plexus). She is currently working on putting up a show of her artwork in 2024 and you can be sure that RabbleRouse News will be there.

“Blended” Acrylic on canvas – Patricia Rae

I truly believe that we are multidimensional beings of light, and that we need to allow ourselves to experience life on so many levels. If I am not acting, I am painting, or cooking or writing, or being a healer. We do not need permission to express ourselves as creative beings. It is our nature.

Patricia Rae
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