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Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Look: “CARRIER WAVE”

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Cameron Suey and Phil Van Hest

Carrier Wave” is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look made especially for Observable Radio aficionados offering them preferred access. It’s a more personal way to hear the inside scoop, artistic inspirations, and weird anecdotes. This premium perk gives fans a chance to get ahead of the buzz by providing an inside look at the production process giving devotees a deeper understanding of all that goes into creating their favorite SciFi Horror show.


Bonus features of the podcast offer sneak peaks with Cameron Suey, Phil Van Hest, and Purpurina, the producers and creators of Observable Radio. Carrier Wave explores the making of the hit series from conception through production. The first episode will be available for Patreon supporters beginning Saturday, April 13.

You can learn more about the show and find out how you can support Observable Radio on Patreon.

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