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"The final Story, the final chapter of western man, I believe lies in Los Angeles." – Phil Ochs

Local Poet: Marlon Hoffman

1 min read

Then It’s a Rose.

Bus Stations in Thoroughbred Convent.

Good Windows to see what’s alive.

I’ve grown up into the mind of my own

What I remember of the daytime contender, someone 

Who resembles somebody like me, a clear conscience.

With the right response resting in the highest tree. 

Pastures of Plenty pass the New Train to Delhi.

A thought is a thought and then it’s a Rose.

1,000,000 dream worlds,1,000,000,000 miles,

By the frontback. By the frontback.

I’m roasted, asunder again.

Marlon Hoffman is a songwriter / musician living in Los Angeles. His new album Holy Matters produced with Davey Johnstone will be released in Summer 2024. Find him at marlonhoffman.com

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