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Hibiscus TV to Perform at LA Art Show in February

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Kaye Freeman, Amy Kaps photo: Hibiscus TV

Artists Kaye Freeman and Amy Kaps are Los Angeles based, HIBISCUSTV ハイビスカステレビ

On February 17, 2024 Hibiscus TV will perform SEA LEVEL RISING at the LA Art Show: Water is the source of life.  Join two Sirens as they fight for theirs while sea levels rise.  Using only recycled and repurposed materials to create their costumes, props and set, this performance is about the world we inhabit materially and metaphysically.  The conversation between art and environment takes place as we witness exponential damage caused in our lifetime.

The genesis of Hibiscus TV occurred in 2019 when artists Kaye Freeman and Amy Kaps were commissioned by the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, CA to curate a show titled, Anatomy of a Painting. This collaboration culminated in a short film, The Seven Winds which led to the creation of the HIBISCUS TV YouTube channel. Their films explore a variety of topics focusing on the Elements. Their multiple disciplines as performance artists, dancers, painters, installation artists, short filmmakers and musicians brings a holistic approach to their conversation. Formative years in Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and Australia left an indelible mark on who they are and the work they produce.

In approaching serious subject matter with irreverence, humor, and emotional nuances they celebrate the imperfect in a world that demands perfection, intentionally challenging the notions dictating what female artists over sixty can or should do. Their content addresses climate change, ageism and misogyny in a relatable, yet deeply moving fashion by referencing a variety of mythologies accessed by their varied backgrounds.

Kaye Freeman and Amy Kaps Photo by GingerSolePhotography

“Free from convention, Hibiscus TV is a platform for unbridled creativity.  Grounded in the absurd and authentic expression in the convergence of two artistic minds exploring infinite possibilities.” 

Follow Hibiscus TB on Social media at Instagram: @hibiscustv, YouTube: @hibiscustv2712 and visit their website: hibiscus-tv.com
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